Tuesday, March 13, 2012


My eyes keep tearing up. I am not sure if the pink eye is back or if it is because of the headache. It's a hell of a choice add a headache to my already full body of pain or suffer from acid reflux and heartburn in the middle of the night. What is worse is that the pain killers do not seem to be making a dent in it nor drinking water to hydrate my brain. Not even caffine is helping. I do not know what to do, well actually I do I need to choose, the problem is I don't want to have to.

Tired today but I think that is an effect of dealing with the headache since yesterday afternoon. I did manage to get a couple of more pages in the journal done though including a pop art one that I think may turn out to be kinda cool when it is done. I couldn't afford ink so I use liquid watercolor, it actually did a half way decent job. After I get done here I will work on it a little more. The original that I am copying had rings and drips like someone put a coffee mug on it but I am not sure I want to do that, as it is despite putting a kleenex between the pages some of the watercolor seeped through the page. Not badly but enough to be noticeable but definitly there.

I also want to tackle the oil pastel landscape, the crayon landscape and the white on black page. Though I am still not sure how I will do that last. Obviously crayon is out. I do have some black watercolor that might work for the background but I was thinking about paint. I suppose I could mix it with Gesso as long as I make sure I saturate it so that it comes out black not gray. If I mix a bit more blue into it I may even be able to get the blue black I see in my mind. For the white I have several options. Gesso of course though I'm not sure how good it is for fine work mostly I use it as an extra layer between the paper and the paint or what ever I'm using. I also have a white crayon, paint pen, correction pen, water soluable crayon, pencil crayon or gel pen I can use to do the white part once the black is dry. Depends on what kind of image I intend to use for that part. If it requires fine lines then I need to go with one of the pens, if I want it a bit messier or broader lines then I need to use one of the crayons. I am still working that out in my head. The image I was thinking about is an Erte and the lines are fine and made up of dots. If I go with that style the corrector pen or the paint pen will be ideal.

WTF, I get the headache to fade a bit and then I start feeling pain in my left shoulder joint where the arm joins the chest. I can't win for losing today I swear. The day outside is beautiful but in here I hurt too much to really enjoy it. I would love to go out and walk a bit but the idea of getting dressed just seems like way too much work right now.

I am whining a lot today but that is part of what this chronicle is about, to track my days, the good ones and the bad ones. I wonder if the grammer police would turn one of these into a solid mass of red. I really need to relearn the rules of the comma because I am absolutly certain I am not using them right. Not to mention all the other grammer mistakes I make. It has been a long time since I really cared if I actually was spelling things right or how readable my writing is. I suppose though if I want to publish a short story or three I need to get the grammer amd spelling right. Unless I could make the mistakes part of my "voice". LOL my "voice" sounds like the country bumpkin I was born, a red-neck maybe, a hillbilly almost certainly. I was born in a different time. It feels more like a hundred years ago instead of nearly 52. 

When I think that until I went to school I had no real idea of what indoor plumbing was nor why any one would put a bathroom inside it makes me laugh. :) Yep, I was born in 1960, and I lived in a shack without plumbing or electricity. It seems incredible now but the only toilet we had at home was an outhouse until I was 16. Baths were taken in a big aluminum tub or at the beach. And light was supplied by lanterns, the kind that run on propane or oil. Heat was a big wood stove.

Not long after we moved into our first modern house the furnace blew up and rather than get it fixed my dad just put a box stove in the living room to provide heat. Though mom did get to cook on an electric stove and we had electric lights and indoor plumbing. I guess it was hard for him to give up what he was used to. I don't think he ever even figured out the VCR let alone anything else electronic beyond the radio and maybe the TV.

Sadly we also never really knew what to do with a shower though we did bathe once in awhile. I was just thinking that in the 30 years Dad lived there I don't think the toilet bowl got cleaned even once and for the first couple of years we kept forgetting to flush the toilet. The bathroom was in a real sorry state when we sold the house. I blame the fact that I don't shower nearly as often as I should on those 15 years without a shower to learn on. LOL isn't that a sorry state of affairs. Oh well I am who I am, the fact that reaching over my head or behind me actually hurts now doesn't help much. It just makes me even more reluctant to shower. Thankfully I don't eat a lot of spicy foods or drink so I don't smell really rank just a little sweaty. LOL I know more info than you needed. Shrug...I am at 1100 words so I think I will stop for today. I didn't realize I had that much to say.

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