Thursday, March 29, 2012


I seem to be having a hard time keeping it together today. I need to take the paperwork up to the Clinic but can't seem to do it. I got dressed, I made sure I had all the papers I needed, I even took out a sweater and socks since it's turned cold again but I can't seem to go any further. The sweater aqnd socks are sitting on my bed and I am siting in fromt of this computer. I am looking at my keyboard and still hitting the wrong letters. All I really want to do is go back to bed.

The skies are grayish white & the air is cold. My eyes hurt and so does my head yet there seems to be no cause for either. I am not hungry and I haven't even had the energy to take my meds today. I had one thing to do today just one and it will most likely remain undone. The mouse keeps moving the cursor I swear. Twice now I've had to fix what I'm writing because the cursor has moved from the end of the line it's on to the middle of one higer up. Myabe next time it happens I won't bother to fix irt. I get so tired of fixing the mistakes as I go along but it is hard for me to send out something that is less than perfect. Yeah I am a perfectionist when I care enough about the project, if I don't my work can be very very shoddy. 

So tired, I am sitting here and my eyes feel heavy, soon I will be closing my eyes ro f rest them and end up sleeping sitting uop. I've done that a couple of times now. I need to take my medication, I want to read, I have projects I would like to work on and all I can think of is will I get to my 750 words before I say f... it and go lie down. Even two cups of coffee hasn't helped today.

It is I am so tired. I am going to take my meds and go back to bed

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