Saturday, March 31, 2012


Last Day of March and it does seem to be leaving peacefully if a bit chilly. It is a grey Saturday. After being up until 6ish this morning the Professor woke me at 9:30 AM to let me know he would be neck deep in server today so it would be  best if I didn't disturb him, frankly I think he called because he wanted someone to talk to about what he would be doing. He seeks little reassurances like that sometimes plus it helps him clarify the steps he needs to take.

March has been a fairly busy month. Kinda, Sorta. I did spend an aweful lot of money and time on Facebook. March started with a snow storm but the days kept getting milder and milder until we had a nearly summer day then it turned cold again. I've seen pussy willows and heard the geese but I haven't seen a Robin here yet, that will come.

I had a week or so of really harsh acid reflux  so when I went to see the doctor for my three month check up he arranged a blood test and then a gastophy, basically they went inside my stomach and took a look around as well as a small slice for a biopsy. The biopsy came back negative. I have had some concerns about diabetes and asked for gluclose testing as well but basically the doctor ignored that I think.

I was in a really deep depression during those first couple of weeks. After I scared myself about the diabetes I began to look into various diets. I want to elimanate as many refined sugars and starches as I can. I also figured out that both alcohol and ice cream are off my food list forever because of what they do to my stomach. I have been looking in paticular at the exchange diet used by diabetics as that is the one I was on when I lost that 30 lbs in my late 30's

The last thing the doctor told me was that it was time and past time to start getting some counselling. That set off a couple of weeks of trying to find and get on the wait list of some psychiatrists. I have managed this but I also found that chronic re-occuring depression is not considered a serious mental illness unless it is coupled with tons of meds, suicide attempts and hospitalizations. Nice to know I'm on the mild end but I could have used a more compassionate hearing. One other thing I did find out is that there is actually a walk in mental counselling place in town that is covered by OHIP, talk about a one stop shop. Hamilton has everything Peterborough lacked without the hustle and bustle of Toronto.

Mid-month I had an awful fight with my daugter but a few days ago we were talking like it was old times. She did suggest I find a local doctor and the person from the mental health association concurred and gave me the information I needed to find one, she also suggested the Wharton Medical Clinic for help with my weight issues. That is also covered by OHIP. I am now waiting to hear from the Mac Family Clinic.

I am once again going to try to blog every day emphasis on the try part. April is shaping up to be a reasonably busy month. On the 6th I am supposed to be in Peterborough to babysit for my daughter. I say supposed to because it all depends on how the exchange server transfer goes for the Professor. I am waiting for an appointment with a local Doctor. The first appointment will be fairly simple. What do they need from me vs what I need from them. The second one will be a bit more complicated than that. In the first one I will aquaint her with my medical history and the list of referrals I need. The second one will be a Physical because I haven't had one in a couple of years..

Once the doctor and I meet the first time I hope to have referrals for the Wharton Medical Clinic which specializes in obesity, one for a psychiatric evaluation and on for a sleep test because the anesthetist from the stomach exam said I should get one as I was snoring during the procedure. I didn't used to snore badly but it seems I do now. If they all get booked in good order I will see them and my physical done by the end of April and be ready for the next step which involves actually follwing the guidelines set up by the various Professionals.

Also in April I am hoping to begin walking again and maybe even make a start on the 100-200-100 challenge. I was considering getting a plot in the Community Garden across the street but I do not think I will have the time this year. For reading I'll be starting the Hunger Games tomorrow. I should be done the fifth Game of Thrones book today. 

Entertainment wise, I mean to finish the first How to Draw  book, Watch 20 movies on NetFlix and complete one game on IWIN. I figure that is possible because I won't be going back to facebook games except maybe the new Slingo

I have several journals on the go I will finish 30 pages this month for them, its not like I lack inspiration, it is all around me. As an added bonus I will complete one of the knitted toys in my collection this month, the shawl that is on my loom and the pillow case. I intend not to be idle in April for any length of time and to cut my time on the computer by half though given how much work I need to do to finish the ebook database I'm working on that last may not be possible .

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