Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Ten days in... How did the time go so fast? I have reached the conclusion that I either have to move back to Toronto to be near my doctor or I have to release him and get one here. I really don't want to move but at the same time I am reluctant to give up the doctor I have for one I will get. It means a period of time without my pills or any medical assistance whatsoever outside of the Walk in Clinics.


I just finished an eBook called "The Rivers of London"  or "Midnight Riot". Depending where you look. I would love to read the next book in the series but it costs the same as a paperback and I'm just not willing to spend that much. I am of the opinion that I do not mind spending a little money on electronic items but they absolutly should not cost the same as a paperback. In truth this paticular book "Moon Over Soho" can actually be bought in paperback form for two cents plus shipping. If it were not for the problem of storage I wouldn't mind buying the paperback. eBooks are easier and much more compact so I have a distinct preference for them. That is why I bought my Kobo Vox. Sure I have games and things on it but mostly it is books, lots and lots of books.


It has been a week or so since I dropped the form off at the McMaster Family Clinic but I haven't heard anything, I am thinking I will have to go in the other direction. Release Dr Cohen and go through the CMA to find a local doctor that is taking patients now not some day soon. If I have to take all of this to Dr Cohen I might as well move back to North York. 

I keep wondering if it is worth all the hassle. I don't have a drug card so I can't renew my meds anyway unless I pay cash for them and the while the Welbutin is the least expensive of them what happens when I must get the Ciprilex which is over a hundred bucks or the stomach pills which I am also getting low on.


I have prepared a list of three that are a reasonable distance away, I will probably call them tomorrow. One that I was interested in is near Wharton Medical Clinic (the place that specializes in obesity) but I can't remember which one it was I should have noted it before I went for direction, ah well I can always check them out again.

Right now I am looking into Montreal, maybe the Professor and I will get there this week, here's hoping

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