Friday, April 13, 2012


I seem to be in a fugue state. I have dozens of things I could do but I don't know which one I want to do. I am lost it seems in a world of thought. There are days that if I could live here I would but I am expecting the Professor tonight and there are any number of things I could be doing exp. laundry. Call it Inertial, call it what you like I am stuck. I thought I had taken my ciprelex last night but it turns out I didn't so I slept and dreamed which doesn't often happen. The other side of this coin seems to be  a complete lack of motivation and indecision. That is a bit worrisome but not too much so. I suspect that when I run out I am going to have a lot more bad days.

Even my thoughts are having a hard time forming coherent thoughts, that paragraph above which should have taken only a minute to go from mind to keyboard was five minutes getting the same distance. On top of that my bed is calling me alreasy and I have only been up for 3/4 of an hour. I need my coffee and I need something to engage my mind but unless I want to add far more books and short stories than I can ever read in my remaining life time I need to stop downloading and start reading. In the process I can peg other books that I want to read. I am like baby sis in that I want to read a whole series not just one book from dozens of series. I find it very annoying especially as I have noticed the authors will make the first book free but then you have to pay full price for either the paperback version or the ebook version. As I stated before I do not have the storage room for a bunch of paperbacks and yes I coulod borrow them from the local library but then I got to ask what if a0 it isn't there and b0 it takes longer for me to read than I am allowed to have it out and c0 what if I want to read it again and it is out or lost?

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