Friday, April 13, 2012


This was our first day in Montreal. We got in around 10 pm last night. I had a rough time settling down I am always like that in a strange bed. Tonight I do not think tonight I will hve that problem. I walked at least 5 km today, that's the most I've walked in several years. My first stop was the palais de congres de Montreal, (Convention Centre). I chose it as my starting place because it is an example of co-operative architecture. I did not go inside but I did walk 2/3 of the way around it. It was huge but what else can you expect from a building that was created by joining five or more buildings from several eras. The book suggested that the colored tiles were special but I must admit I was a bit disappolinted, I thought it would be several different different colors joined together but from what I saw it was huge sheets of single colours one to each side.

I headed next toward Place Bonaventure but missed my turn and ended in a beautiful park area. There was no green but the roads and walks were cobblestones. There was a church there that had a gorgeous front. I took several photos but I will have not be able to upload them until I get back home on Monday. 

I did eventually get to Place Bonaventure but because I was running late I did not go in to explore. I went from there to Dorchester Square, I did go in here and I am wishing I had not been so worn out because I didn't take any photos inside this place. The elevator doors were coated with gold as was the mailbox in the main hall. I went inside to go to the tourist information centre. It wasn't until I started looking at the stacks that I realized that each set of shelve held information from a different section of Montreal Island and Quebec. There were ten rows with three different places per shelf. It is a humbling reminder that Montreal is old and nearly as big as Toronto.

I stopped at the Dominion Square Tavern for lunch. The decor is 1920 ish and the place was full. The level of energy in that room was amazing. The food was super and so was the service. The price was high but I beleive it was well worth it.


I am beat I think I will leave the rest until tomorrow.

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