Tuesday, November 27, 2012

101 in 1001

1001-562= 439 days left, so just a bit over 14 months left to complete my 101 goals.  I have completed 16 but to be fair some of them are dependent on others being finished like the poetry ones and some of the others. I have the stuff I need to complete quite a few of them but can't seem to focus on them long enough to complete them.

14 months = 60 weeks which means that though I may not reach the 140 I can reach 180 to 150 in the time I have left if I work at it like I am supposed to. For instance the 100-200-100 plan, (sit-ups, push-ups, squats), can give me a lot of strength workouts and training for a marathon will give me cardio, then the dancing & tai chi will help with flexibility and mental discipline. These are all things from my 101 list that when worked through together will result in a net weight loss of some sort, perhaps enough to even reach my goal weight

Concentrating on crafts , writing & drawing will keep me away from facebook and the other game sites that are so counter productive and on my list to avoid. In this way my goals help me to reach them if I were to concentrate on them instead of spending all of my time playing stupid games and generally vegetating in front of my computer all day.
So where should I begin? Well since I have the space set up it makes sense to begin with the sit-ups etc. Walking with the dog everyday will increase my metabolism and strengthen my legs so I can begin to run on a daily basis. Working on my Christmas presents will keep me away from the computer and thus away from games.. I don't have all of my knitting needles yet but I do have two sets which I can use for various projects like knitting a doll and a teddy bear and maybe even starting on a top down sweater. The writing and art stuff are a bit more challenging but I think now that my paints and ink are here I can begin to focus on them more.

I can do this if I really want to, I can even finish all of the remaining goals if I begin right away, like in the morning with the exercises. Motivation, I need motivation :). Wish me luck

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