Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I am still adjusting to the fact that it is December and that we are supposedly facing the end of the world as we know it sometime between the twelth and the twenty fourth. But life goes on and so do I though it is with increasing restlessness and anger at my own lack of volition to change things up to eliminate the one and handle the other.

I slept with a dog and GD #1 last night. First time in a long time my eldest grand-daughter has come to me looking for comfort. With a little Vicks and some chill down time she was finally able to sleep and eventually I did too. The dog watched over both of us. The alarm went off at six I turned it off and Ness got me up at seven when she came looking for GD #1.

I took the dog out for a quick walk and saw a whole bunch of old window frames like the ones I saw painted at a craft site a few years ago. Not painted the way you paint a window in your house but made into beautiful Objects D' Art like the one below that I found at Jilly's Happy Home Blog. Okay so it isn't fine art it is still art and I really like it.

There was also one of those slanted workout benches outside, I plan on going over there this evening maybe and asking about both the windows and the bench. If they are outside maybe he will be willing to give them to me. I am assuming they belong to a man cause of the big truck I saw out front but who knows. I am also assuming that who ever owns the house works that's why I figure this evening would be a good time to talk to them though if when I take the dog out this afternoon and the truck is there I will knock on the door. I just want a couple of the smaller windows and that bench would solve a ton of issues around weight training.

I had intended to go to the library today but I think I'll just renew the books. I still have not found my bank card so I need to deal with that soon too. With luck maybe I can do it online like I did the cheques. I am deliberatly looking for ways to not have to go outside though I found it very mild for December out there this morning. I think we need to adjust our calendars to match the changing weather patterns. I miss snow and we have been getting less and less of it every year for the past decade.

Keep losing my way, my thoughts wander and I am every where but here in front of this journal. I think about this town and how small it is compared to Toronto or Hamilton. I am reminded that a lot that things I have grown accustomed to are not available here yet. They are coming though it began with Walmart and now we have two as well as a Michaels and a Chapter's Indigo oh yes and mustn't forget Future Shop and Value Village, so it is growing just very slowly.

What I wouldn't give for a full fleged oriental grocery store just down the street but I think that that may be awhile coming yet for Peterborough.

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