Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year!

As I looked back at 2012 I realized that some really good things came out of it! I received some clarification into something I have been dealing with my whole life, I came home to energy and grand-children with a new attitude of thankfulness, I found that I can still hope and plan and even achieve goals if I keep them small and quick. I learned about some new coping strategies that I feel will make a big difference in my life in the next year. Most of all I learned that as much as I prize quiet and control I really appreciate noise and laughter.

Looking into 2013 I know that I am facing a big year, I have things I need to work on and I feel that now I have quite a few of the tools I need to use and a direction to go. Being directionless has not done me any good. in SparkPeople I have a tribe and some really useful quides. The first guide is for January and it is called 31 days of Unbreakable Resolutions.  Todays says write down your top goals of the year, being as specific as possible.

This is my list:

1) Seek out mental health options available in the Peterborough area by contacting Mental Health, talking with my doctor, researching groups that specialize in sexual abuse survivors, fibro sufferers and depression seminars, joing said groups if it is at all financially possible and attending all meetings. I have also considered al-anon or AA but am not sure if they would benefit me as I have been sober for sixteen years and though I have been stuggling here where it all began I am still sober. (yes this all comes under taking care of my mental health)

2) Contact Ontario Works and begin the ODSP application for the third time with the intension to fight it all the way to the end. I beleive I am incapable of working for any length of time without a collapse of some kind. Even covering for my SIL for a week took a really heavy toll on me and all it involved was watching the boys, walking the dogs and a bit of housekeeping. I was having accidents that could eventually have become serious injuries and I was mentally and physically exhausted to the point that I collapsed in my bed today and didn't move for six hours without the use of my respirator

3) Lose 52 pounds by this time next year using a combination of cheap, healthy eating, lots of physical activity, CBT and other behaviour reprogramming and regulating my sleeping habits. The CBT will probably be the most effective tool in my toolbox because it is aimed at behaviour modification which includes the way I think and feel about my body & my self. 

4) Strengthen my ability to focus and follow through on my health related goals

5) Participate in several crafting and knitting projects through- out the year beginning with the stash buster challenge in my Spark team group for knitters. My goal is to complete 365 projects during the year. The subject does not matter I just want to be creative this year.

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