Wednesday, January 2, 2013


1) Seek out mental health options available in the Peterborough area by contacting Mental Health, talking with my doctor, researching groups that specialize in sexual abuse survivors, fibro sufferers and depression seminars, joing said groups if it is at all financially possible and attending all meetings. I have also considered al-anon or AA but am not sure if they would benefit me as I have been sober for sixteen years and though I have been stuggling here where it all began I am still sober. (yes this all comes under taking care of my mental health)

2) Contact Ontario Works and begin the ODSP application for the third time with the intension to fight it all the way to the end. I beleive I am incapable of working for any length of time without a collapse of some kind. Even covering for my SIL for a week took a really heavy toll on me and all it involved was watching the boys, walking the dogs and a bit of housekeeping. I was having accidents that could eventually have become serious injuries and I was mentally and physically exhausted to the point that I collapsed in my bed today and didn't move for six hours without the use of my respirator

3) Lose 52 pounds by this time next year using a combination of cheap, healthy eating, lots of physical activity, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and other behaviour reprogramming and regulating my sleeping habits. The CBT will probably be the most effective tool in my toolbox because it is aimed at behaviour modification which includes the way I think and feel about my body & my self. 

4) Strengthen my ability to focus and follow through on my health related goals

5) Participate in several crafting and knitting projects through- out the year beginning with the stash buster challenge in my Spark team group for knitters. My goal is to complete 365 projects during the year. The subject does not matter I just want to be creative this year.

These are the beginning but I realized that I did not get nearly as specific as I am going to have to get if I am going to actually reach these goals, some of them are just too general

The Weight loss one needs to be much more specific.


Cheap, healthy eating: I only do 1/3 of the cooking here and what I cook they tend to not eat. Also with the loss of my support for awhile I need to be much more careful with my money.

The first thing I did was sign up to a couple of frugel living newsletters from "The Dollar Stretcher" web site. This is a web site I have dealt with in the past and always find their articles informative and their info useful. They are US based but since Canada is more or less in sync with the USA I can make use of what they say fairly easily plus they cover a lot of different ways to save money including cooking for large families.

I especially like the seasonal foods list at "This Food Thing" as this tells me what is likely to be cheapest at the grocery store. This allows me to get my proper number of portions at a reasonable price

One of the other tools that I found extremely useful in the past is a food exchange list. The Mayo Clinic website has a comprehensive set of lists. FEL are used by a lot of diabetic patients to keep their glucose levels under control

Currently I am an active member at SparkPeople and I have memberships with several other weight loss sites. I was just thinking there are so many that maybe I need to put them over on the right as a set of useful links. All of these sites have paid options but I only use the free services which for now are sufficient.

I just need to make sure I use all of the tools I have available to me. SparkPeople and some of the other sites offer a recording option which can really help keep you focused or at least it does me. Mind you you have to be honest when you record things or it is just a big waste of time but if as person is committed I beleive they will be honest at least to themselves. Oh thats the other thing about SparkPeople unless you want public scrutinity you can set it so that only you can see what you recorded. This seems to me to defeat the accountability part of goal setting but some people just don't want to share that they ate a 10 oz steak and a bucket of mashed potatoes for dinner followed by a whole pumpkin pie. :) When I began just the fact that I could see what I had eaten and how many calories that added up to helped me immesly then when I began to share and other people praised me on my good days and ignored the bad ones it helped me gain a bit of perspective on my eating habits and encouraged me to keep going instead of giving up when I "fell off the wagon" so to speak.

I think it is time to switch tracks for a bit. I've been at this for an hour and I need a break. More later!


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