Monday, January 7, 2013


I was just thinking about my online prescense... I wonder how many times my name and personal data are out there on the air waves... I wonder just how many different sites I have signed up to .... I wonder if you looked me up how many hits you would get?

It is a little scary to think that I've been online for nearly two decades. As of this year in June I will have had a computer for 20 years and I was online within the first week of having one. It explains why computers and the world wide web are entwined in my head and I can't imagine one without the other. In a way though I suppose that describes all of us born in the 60's & 70's, we are very much a cross-over generation. The link between the baby boomers and generation X.

Awhile ago I was thinking that I am the tail-end of the baby-boomers but I wonder if that is not reserved for those born in the 50's. I find myself different from the people who are a decade older that me, hell I find myself different from the ones born in 1959 in some respects even though those are the ones I went to school with. It is a conumdrum. 

I suppose I am not too different from my peers in that I have reached fifty-two and I am as comfortable in front of a computer as I am in front of a TV. 

I think I may have found a walking partner though she can't walk nearly as well as I can cause she has problems with her knees, still it will be nice to have someone to walk with. Speaking of walking I need to go to the Dollarama to see if I can find a whiote board for the front room. If not Walmart is right there so it is not a big issue plus I like walking around in walmart I never know what I'll find

My writing is a bit disjointed this morning, I think it is because I am running up and down stairs trying to find things and keep myself organized. 

Blank DVD- pay attention to the wrapping so I don't get cases, white board, glue stix. I am tempted to buy some of that funky eyelash yarn they have at the dollarama but I don't know what I would use it for and I am trying to not go yarn crazy again. I would also like to get a timer and a pedometer. I have no idea where the last one I bought went and the other one got broken.

Less than 500 words today, I just can't think what to write or else the words in my head don't make it to the keyboard, it is not easy to be introspective and type at the same time. automatic writing is easier but I prefer this method since if I can keep up with the flow I gain some insight and I can share with you. This is my journal these days, mainly because the paper ones were beginning to take up far too much room since some days I only write a line or two and others ccan esily extend to 10 pages plus it's a whole lot easier to fix spelling errors. I know they can sometimes show an impression of what is in your head but that you can't say but god they bug me. I may not care much about grammar but spelling is a different matter all together. I am trying to remember how many words in typing equals the three pages of morning papers you are supposed to do for the artists'way. Lost the words there for a sec.

Was it 700 or 1000 hmm maybe I'll look it up again. That is the other good thing I think about using the computer to record my thoughts, I can look up things and add images easily if I am minded to. Well not so easily apparently. I was unable to find the page I was looking for and quickly found myself being side-tracked. There is an online companion to the book I would love to sign up for but it costs a min of $3.99 a month and I'm not sure where I can fit that into an already tight budget though it does interest me, finishing "The whole 12 week program of "The Artist's Way has been on my todo list for awhile, I run into problems with the weekly exercises because they ask me to remember things I have a hard time remembering. 

This word is # 781. At least 781 was word number 781 according to my word counter. Scribe fire tells me how many characters I've written and how many words.It is pretty handy that way. I keep coming back to it because it offers a few more options than the online blog entry form and I can take as long as I want to finish a entry because it doesn't log me out if I go to make coffee or something. Speaking of which I think I'll stop now and go make one. I am really loving my Tassimo!

8:42 AM and time to get on with the day!

OK so I don't give up easy :) It is 750 words and if you don't want to go public there is a website called quite appropriatly 750 words which gives you a private place to type your thoughts. When I put in my name Google came up with over a million matches but as I was looking over them I noticed not all of them are me, still it's a shock to see so many links with my name attached.

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