Friday, January 11, 2013


  •  Coco Ye gods I missed that dog
  •  grandsons, they always make me laugh
  •  my own private space
  •  a SIL who is always willing to help me out even when he is sicker than a dog
  •  Peace begins with me (
  •  I choose to see my family as a gift 9
  •  I am safe & sound (same as above)
  •  I give up the right to criticize myself (same as above)
Goals for tomorrow:
  1.  Take Coco for a long walk
  2.  Begin work on goal posters
Today was: Happy
I accomplished everything I set out to do, Coco came back home (it was a wrong judgement to let her go), the boys played in my room for awhile. I finished the dishcloth I was working on and started the first cover for the boxes the boys use as blocks to lessen the impact of sharp corners. I have magazines to begin my posters and I got my mudslide from the DQ. I didn't get much of the movement part of the day but I did go up and down the stairs several times and I took coco for a short walk

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