Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 486

The first thing you'll notice is that some of the numbers are blank, that is because they are complete or are no longer relevant. The ones in bold I have begun but not completed yet

  1. Make 52 dolls each from a different material and/or pattern(4)
  2. Make 365 Art Pages- fill up all three of my current art journals(50)
  3. Knit a wardrobe for my 6 fashion dolls
  4. Create a stage to display the fashion dolls on
  5. Make stage setting elements for the fashion dolls
  6. Make 4 dioramas, one for each season
  7. Craft 365 things- non-journal & non-knitted items ie cards(2)
  8. Knit 12 toys to be donated for Christmas boxes
  9. Donate blood
  10. Leave 100 inspirational quotes in books and places I go
  11. Complete a 365 day photo Challenge
  12. Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art for my wall
  13. Dance in the rain like no one is watching
  14. Make volunteerism a regular part of life
  15. Improve my posture & balance
  16. Not log into facebook for three months
  17. Color all of the pages of a coloring book
  18. Write 52 poems in as many styles as possible(4)
  19. Make them into a chap book and place in the library
  20. Make 10 copies in a quarter size zine
  21. Give all of the zines away
  22. Take a yoga class
  23. Visit 5 different historical sites
  24. Learn meditation
  25. Learn Tai Chi
  26. Write a short story
  27. Publish it some where
  28. Define the Church of Kindness
  29. Write the Gospel of Love & Kindness 
  30. Run in a Charity run
  31. Walk in a Charity walk
  32. Stop biting my nails
  33. Run a 5k race 
  34.  Learn how to play my keyboard
  35. Learn how to drum
  36. Join a drum circle
  37. Do not turn on the computer or laptop for a whole week
  38. Put away $10 for every goal
  39. Spend it on a spa day to celebrate
  40. Get a electric bicycle
  41. Get my motorcycle license
  42. Lose 50 pounds
  43. Complete the 200 Sit-ups Challenge
  44. Make a photography portfolio 
  45. Write a children's story 
  46. Fill a sketchbook with drawings
  47. Knit a sweater for myself
  48. Blog at least once a week- (This should be done now that writing in my blog has become a daily appointment)
  49. Make a dream board (I did one on PinInterest and I have to things I need to do a couple of them in the more conventional way on paper or a bulletin board)
  50. Make 4 stuffed animals
  51. Crochet a scarf
  52. Volunteer at the Humane Society 
  53. Learn how to crochet 
  54. Go bowling 
  55. Make a playlist of my 101 favourite songs
  56. Write a list of inspirational things, one thing for each letter of the alphabet 
  57. See The Rocky Horror Picture Show on stage around Halloween
  58. Learn some basic sign language ( I started this awhile ago but lost interest, I will be going back to it in the near future)
  59. Do yoga every day for a month
  60. Learn how to ballroom dance
  61. Learn to burlesque dance 
  62. Do a word puzzle every other day
  63. Go to a poetry reading (Poetry Slam in town on the 16th of January)
  64. Go on the Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls
  65. Get to my goal weight of 140 lbs (I have lost seven lbs since I began last November, I may be a turtle but slow and steady is definitly the way to go)
  66. Be more self confident
  67. Do the 100 pushups challenge (
  68. Take ballroom dancing lessons 
  69. Go bike riding on the beach
  70. Write a screenplay 
  71. Complete The Artist's Way (restart on the 13th of Jan(
  72. Enter a short story contest 
  73. Volunteer at a hospice
  74. Spend a day exploring and photographing my neighborhood
  75. Photograph a landscape from the same location, capturing all four seasons then frame them
  76. Learn to pole dance
  77. Take a hip hop dance class
  78. Learn to salsa dance
  79. Do the 200 squats challenge (
  80. Take a photograph every day  (11 days and counting)
  81.  Find a community service project to be active in 
  82.  Watch the sunrise on the beach

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