Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Morning Papers

Here I am back again to a routine I need but sometimes forget to do ty7ping is not the same as writing but it is all I want to do, I should have set my timer but for now I will keep going. I jusy came through a really rough patch it is May and you would think the birth of a second grandson would make it less painful but still when May I comes I start to get sad  around the 10th and it doesn't go away for a week sometimes more. You see this week Mother's day and My parents anniversary occur, with my mother passing away 13 years ago you would think the grief less but it still come and haunts me, June & father's day will be worse I think because June is when my mother passed, she passed just after father's day that year. Then with my dad passing two years ago in October, father's day has become another bomb on my already loaded trigger list. I will need to start dealing with those triggers so what ever years I have left can be less sad. Anyway even Aidan's birthday could not help me shake the blues for more than an hour or two. THere was a delightful lightening storm last night, first one of the season and I loved it the electricity in the air gave me a real lift though I'm feeling a bit tired and blue today because the sun id gone again. Hmm I wonder if I should be doing these in scribefire, it is the only blogging software I am willing to use, I tried another one and it messed me up royaly adding so much code that my upload was nearly doubled.
I have been busy, I have finally found a way to be the student I always wanted to be for free. I liked About U but it just isn't enough, then I discoered the cources at Itunes U and they were a little better but this new site I've found called Coursea is really neat because the classes are free and they are taught by college and university professionals. I am trying the first one out this week and so far I am loving it.

Today I am grateful for:
Lightening storms-I love watching Mother Nature in all of her glory!
Online friends who get me actually moving forward in my life instead of standing still
Spring because it brings back the green and other colors into the world

Well that sentence could have been formatted better but that's what happens when you just start typing without thinking about it

I have been taking Grammar classes and I am finding it is helping a lot with my writing. I was going to do say goodbye but this is what happens sometimes the words relizing they need an outlet keep bubbling up and I have to keep putting them down, Along with the Grammar classes I am taking a couple of reviewing classes to help me learn by critiquing other peoples work. They can get quire involved sometimes. Right now I need to stop I need coffee and I want to eat my breakfast.

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