Friday, May 24, 2013

Morning Papers

Trying to figure out why I am always behind or ahead in my daily planning today, I decided to download one of those daily timesheet templates to track it, lost my train of thought there for a moment. I am also using Scribefire to write this and any otherblog entries I do so that I can track the number of words. I read somewhere that Morning Papers in order to actually get into your sub-concious must  be a minimum of 750 words I guess that's how long it takes to get past all the garbage and control to get to the stuff that is really bothering you or that you need to get out of your head and if you can't think of anything to write, write I can't think of anything to write until another thought takes it's place it does eventually, I tried that a couple of days ago and it really worked. My eyse feel heavy and my head is aching but I am awake and functioning and my coffee is waiting for  me, I feel tired today like I didn't sleep well and I think I might have a chest cold I just coughed and it hurt, mind you  it's hard to identify every pain and figure out if it is old or new since the fibro makes every muscle and bone ache, even my eyes are watery today and feel full of grit  I don't know if I'm tired or just focused or could be something else entirely, all I know is that it is cold and wet outside and my shoulders are aching and my head feels stuffy. Poor rob his allergies are in ful swing I don't have as severe a reaction to the pollen in the air but it does bother me a little. Lost in a dream world she wanders hither and you. She seekd something but has no idea what only that it was urgent she find it. That sounds like a line from one of the books I have read though from long ago and in a much nicer time, I used to know happy once in awhile noe I feel nothing except andger and I have nothing except fatigue and pain. So the day goes, so my personal; story goes, I an in the middle of writing a book of poetry but instead of just the barest draft I am actually working on polishing them, poetry apparently isn't just about putting words down on papre in verse form but also making sure it meets certain standards like conveying the mood you want to convey and actually haveing a good neat beat or just rolling off the toungue easily. just because it sounds good when I first write it doesn't mean it is. Yeasterday I began to take  one of my poems apart and discovered that the beat iambic pentameter in poetry speak was all wrong for the form I had chosen, speaking it didn't feel natural and that is how it makes the reader feel, if the stress in a word is in one place and the stress in the form is in another it doesn't flow well. I only discovered that latly. So the poem I was supposed to write had ten syllables in each line and every secon sylable was to be stressed as da-DUM but a lot of the words I used the stress was in the wrong syllble for instance in the word alive the A is the stressed syllable  so it would not work in the position it was in. Read these two sentences aloud and see if you can figure out which one fits the da-DUM daDum rhythm I am trying to create:

I am alive

I alive am

I and am can be stressed or not depending on how you are using them 

the first line in rhythm speak  "i AM A live" or da-Dum Dum-da

while the second one  is "i A live AM" or da-Dum da-Dum which matches what I was trying to achieve except that it sounds like Yoda speak so I need to find a different way to say it  that can  use the word alive with it's stressed A in a sentence that matches the da-Dum da-Dum beat I am trying to achieve

so be A live And live  which matched the beat but still isn't a very good sentence and when you figure you need five of those da-Dums per line finding the right words can be difficult. I spent a good hour working on the poem that line gomes from and only managed to get three correct lines out of the nine I need for the form

Well that's all for now ttyl

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