Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 5, 2013

So much on my mind I hardly know where to begin, I have not been sleeping well even with the aid of the CPAP, bad dreams I think and the fact that unless I take it off I can't burp and that can make me feel nauseous and difficult to breathe cause I have air coming in and air trying to get out and they get stuck in my throat. I am yawning my head off I do not know if I'm tired or I'm just not breathing deep enough. Either way today is shaping up into another bad day.

I need to work on my homework for Grammar Garden & Dynamic Reviewing plus the PaperDolls version and more.

  1. Grammar Garden Homework
  2. Dynamic Reviewing Homework
  3. PDG Reviewing
  4. PDG Library
  5. Reviewing for 6 prizes, five winners but either way it adds up to 30 reviews for the contests plus 3 for PDG and 1 for Dynamic
  6.  Work on Woulf
  7. Work on Cassandra
  8. Work on 52 Poems
  9. Coursera course Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade
  10. Coursera course First year Composition 2.0
  11. CodeAcademy CSS course
  12. Personal Homework, Mindfulness Reading
  13. Creative Indulgences Blog Posts one a day
  14. Make my bed
  15. Feed the cat
  16. Clean the litter box
  17. Vacuum my rug
  18. Sort through my stuff- Get rid of a lot of it.
  19. Put my clothes away
  20. Make a schedule of Purchases for Vanessa's wedding
  21. Review the budget and move the money around as needed
  22. Make sure the people who are supposed to get money do
  23. Read email
  24. Respond to Google Plus
  25. Pet the dog & the cat
  26. Take the dog out for a walk
  27. Personal reading
  28. Personal writing like this
  29. Watch the boys
  30. Take care of my facebook farms
No wonder I'm freaking exhausted and I haven't even added exercise or social plans. I am still waiting on ODSP I'm hoping that they actually OK it this time because otherwise I'm going to have to fight for it and that will be a lot of hassle on top of everything else. Plus I'm sure I'm missing something somewhere or could have broken down things a bit more but the list above is 30 items long, sure most of that is educational and I can let some of it slide but there are other things I can't do that with like the PDG Library, I still need to take care of the Author of the month stuff in the PDG Library and add the links I have. On top of all that my stomach and bowels are both acting up makinf me feel sicker than I did when I woke up. I think I may have to let a few things go, like the coursera  classes even though I would really like to get them done, I have time, a couple of more years anyway. I ache from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, my stomach is roiling and I feel like I'm going to be sick.

Things I must absolutely do: 
  • 30 reviews
  • daily chores stuff like making my bed and taking care of the animals
  • PDG Library
  • budget stuff
  • sorting my stuff
Everything else is non-urgent or negotiable. The courses I can always drop, they are free and offered on a fairly regular basis, The WDC ones cost gift points but not so many it will hurt to lose them especially since I have won a few raffles and I get paid for my reviews. So tired, I really want to go back to bed but I don't know if I should with my stomach acting the way it is.

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