Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Non Compos Mentis

My family would have me believe I am not in my right mind, I think I am too much in my own mind and not much in the worlds. So much of what I was taught was right seems to have fallen out of favour with the common population these days.

My eldest child would have me remain silent rather than to reach out to other people with a cheerful good morning and a smile.

She frowns every time I say hello to someone on the street and complains when her sons follow my lead. I am told not to speak to certain people because she doesn't need their drama guess it would interfere with her own.

My son would have me make appointments to see my grandchildren on a regular basis and I would have to go to them. What happen to respect for your elders? And why can't he bring them to me once in awhile?

I was taught that you come to your parents not have your parents come to you though TV commercials always show you the anxious mother who phones her child nearly every day. I am not nor have I ever been that kind of parent and I want the respect due to an elder.

My other-half thinks I am naive and easily lead by others. He also thinks I need constant instructions on how to live my life. I will grant that what he says is only a repeat of what I tell myself but that doesn't make it any better. Sometimes it feels like my parents are putting words into his mouth.

And there it is the crux of the whole thing. I want to live the way I think a person should, the way I want to live and all these other people have the common bond that they think they know what I should and shouldn't do better than I do.

In my world we are all good neighbours, I might not know your name but I will always smile and say hello and if I can help in any way I am glad to do so.

You can save a life just by noticing that there is someone there and offering them a smile and a cheerful "how are you today?"!

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