Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

I have a lot of stuff to deal with this month so you are apt to see me here often. I do not know if I will be returning to regular Morning Pages but I will be writing about a few things:

1) My grandson's first month or so in "Big Boy School"
2) My striving to lose weight per doctors orders
3) Thoughts and feeling regarding the Art Therapy class I am taking for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Weight Loss

  • The doctor has instructed me to make movement a regular part of my daily life, it helps with the fibro and will also help me lose some of the 100+ pounds extra I am carrying around. 
  • My homework for the next 25 days is to walk daily and to make sure I eat at least two meals a day.
  •  On the 27th I will be meeting with the dietitian again and I really want to have some progress to show her. Hopefully at least another three or four pounds lost
  • I see the doctor for a physical on the 26th and then a weigh-in on Oct 24th, I am hoping to have lost 8-12 pounds by the October date. 
  • I know I can do this! but I also know that I have to go a bit more slowly than I have been because I am paying a pretty heavy price in pain right now.

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