Friday, October 11, 2013

Adventure 1: My Now Self

STEP 1: Describe your self fully . Include emotional, intellectual and physical descriptions. Describe both your good qualities and your bad habits. Mention your special abilities as well as your limitations. Write about the things that make you feel fulfilled and happy, as well as about the things that sadden or anger you . Is there a motto by which you live?
Include everything you believe to be true about yourself. Please do not use other peoples opinions about you. For the purpose of Re-creating Your Self, the only important opinions are your own

Don't worry about the quality, quantity or style of your writing. They don't matter. Some students write four or five pages, others barely fill one page. If you write your true feelings about who you are, this first Re-Creating Your Self adventure will be successful. No time limit is recommended; set your own pace.

STEP 2:  After you have written Your Now Self Profile, go back and read what you've written. Have you left out anything? Do you disagree with something you have written? The purpose of adventure 1 is to define Your Now Self as completely and accurately as possible. Your pencil/computer has an eraser; feel free to use it.

My Now Self by Cheryl-ann Marois

Physical: This is the easiest one for me because it is where my mind is right now. 5' 1" 214 226 lbs. So dangerously obese which slows me down and makes me hurt a lot. Easily tired out but I don't sleep well due to sleep apnea. If my mind doesn't chase worries round and round have imaginary conversations my legs jump. Moderately active, I walk on average 3 times a week, I go up and down stairs a dozen times a day. I do not shower as often as I should because I suffer from Fibro which means the step up into the tub and the scrubbing hurts and sometimes even when I'm not in pain I am feeling depressed. I help out with my grandsons but don't spend as much time running after them as my daughter. I  also help out with the cooking and cleaning but not as much as I should I spend most of my time by myself in my room on my computer because it's easier than going out and trying to make friends.. I read a lot of fantasy and alternate world fiction because it takes me to a place where magic is real and good manners and good behavior are worth something. I know I need to be more active but most days I just don't care enough or have enough energy to do something about it.

Intellectual: I am of average intelligence with a strong affinity to writing particularly poetry which has been my vehicle of self-expression since I was a teenager Although I do have two fiction books in preliminary form. I often act dumber than I am so people won't ask me to do things I don't feel capable of doing though I probably am I just don't feel confident to try I don't want to do or am not confident enough to try. My need to learn new things is strong but my interest tends to peter out when I reach minimal competency. I get bored and want to try the next thing on my list of things I want to learn about. Quite often I'll get halfway or three-quarters of the way through a project and just stop because I am getting bored with it.

Emotional: My mother always said I was high-strung which the dictionary defines as "Tending to be very nervous and easily excited"... I used to be then I had a nervous breakdown that took me years to recover from and during that time I locked my emotions away. They are still locked away except for the odd searing slash of anger. I trust no one, no one gets past the acquaintance stage because I don't allow it. If I start to feel like someone might actually care about me or that I might care about them I do whatever is in my power to discourage them and myself to make them back away. I try to be truthful but I always feel like everyone I talk to is only telling me a half-truth or an out-right lie. Trust is a big, big issue for me! I even find myself distrusting my The Professor sometimes and he has never given me any reason to.

Step 1 completed for mow. I'll read it over tomorrow and make any changes or additions I deem are needed.
Step 2 completed. Going to be a bit before I can get to the next one because I am in Toronto and don't have them on my laptop.

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