Monday, October 28, 2013

Oct 28, 2013 - Catching up

I had a fun week in Toronto! I got to participate in a taping of the I Love Lucy! show at a local theatre and I spent two days at Creativfest filling my well with color and form and all kinds of fiber crafts. I did not get to take the classes I wanted to take but that was my own fault. The first day I completely missed the aisle the booth was in that I wanted to go to and Saturday I had the girls with me so I had to keep a close eye on them. Neither of them are used to a big city like Toronto, where we live is less than a tenth the size of that city.

I picked up a lot of material so that I can get started on the rag doll and a couple of other projects I've been considering, since I sew by hand I chose small projects like project bags and a needle holder. I also picked up a quilt top which I want to put a backing on and quilt it for a baby blanket or a wall hanging, depends on what type of material I put on the back. For certain I will be sewing around the image to make it more three dimensional

November is National Novel Writing Month and I have promised myself that I will write 2-5000 words a day if I do 2000 words a day in 30 days I will have 60,000 words which is a respectable size for a novel I think though if I could get the 5000 words a day that would be a very good size for a book, a 100,000 words is pretty average.

I had planned on beginning aquafitness classes today but it depends on how I feel after I am done at the counsellors, either way though I need to get a tour of the YMCA, I have never been past the lobby of the new one. At least I have a swimsuit which is one less excuse not to do this.

Anyway got to get dressed, take Coco out and then head to my appointment.

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