Saturday, December 28, 2013

4 days until 2014 - The Gifts of 2013

I have been given many gifts this year but I think the one that figures largest in my mind is the finding of a friend. Someone who has a personal history similar to  mine but also has the same kind of sense of humour I have. We have so much in common that I wonder why I haven't met her before. I hope the next year will bring more companionship and personal growth for both of us. She is fabulous! and I'm glad she likes me as I am not as my public mask.

Three words to describe 2013:  One step forward

If 2013 were the title of a book it would be called: Self Care 101

Good-byes  and Thank you's 

  1. Good-bye computer mesmer, I have managed to break your spell
  2. Thank you Community Mental Health Centre's, without you I would still be stuck in my dark cycle
  3. Good bye sloth and lethargy I am moving and don't intend to stop
  4. Thank you my friend for accepting me as I am
  5. Good-bye to living to serve now I am beginning to serve myself some life
  6. Good-bye self-pity I am my freeing myself from you slowly but surely
  7. Good-bye track pant's I am wearing blue jeans again and even zippers and buttons on my pants


  1. Hey Snoopy...I don't know if you mean me, but I sure do think you're fab too. Bit of an emotional wreck right now but I will get back to you and the emails very soon. I think of you everyday. Won't be long....massive internet hug out to you, will write you in a day or two {{{{{{{{{{{{cheryl}}}}}}}}}}}

  2. Of Course I meant you! Please feel better!