Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A New Year Dream

If I were at a healthy weight, what would that look like?” Ideally something like this!

“What would it feel like to buy clothes in size _____?” hmm getting back down to a 10 would be nice, most of the stuff I like looks best on a size ten figure. I am currently a size 18-20. Though if I think on it even getting down to a size 14 would be pretty nice. At least when I was size 14 I didn't feel so unweildy and huge. More like a basketball and less like a beach ball

What if I didn’t have to dread getting dressed in the morning?” to be able to bend from the waist without pain, that would be heaven

“What if I could play with my kids without getting out of breath?” I'd like it even better if it didn't tire me out and hurt so much.

“What would I do differently if money were not an issue?” If money weren't an issue I would have my own private trainer and a full gym in my house not to mention my own dietician cook to buy and make healthy food and a full time housekeeper to keep the place neat and tidy so I could be a philanthropist and still be healthy

“What churches or charities would I give to if I had more than enough finances?” Anything that deals with children and abused adults. I would also support Cancer Research.

“If nothing were holding me back, what would I most like to do in life that I haven’t done?” Travel to all the places I can only dream about.

“What things did I dream about doing before life took over?” I dreamed of many things I dreamed of being a Vet, an actress, a pilot, a programmer, a writer, a story teller plus many other things

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