Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dec 12, 2013 What?

OK ... I have been pondering this question all day ... What is it about me that makes people say "you're so cute".

I have gotten that most of my life without really understanding why people consider me that. Most notably it happen's more often when I'm happy and laughing as I have been since last Tuesday after my momentous 45 minutes in the pool. I still have a hard time beleiving that was actually me in that suit.

So what makes a person "Cute" especially a woman 50+ years old? It would be nice if someone would tell me why they think I'm cute.


  1. Man, I better get to this before you disappear from the's your frickin face, lady. Also, I know you're gonna spaz about this, but your shape is cute too. And no, I'm not a lesbian. I like the male body very very very very much :) Some of their anatomy may be a little on the uggla side, but they're good for some things. ANYWAY, you got a cute face and a cute body, I'm sorry, that's the way it is. You're gonna have to take it up with the Lord. And I know cute cause I'm a cutie patootie too.