Monday, December 2, 2013

Dec 2, 2013- Checking In

I am feeling under the weather today, big head-ache, blurry eyes and coughing up ucky green stuff. I am not sure if I have caught a cold or if the CPAP Maching needs cleaned, probably the latter. Still now that I'm using it again i am feeling more rested which means the doctor was right it is essential to a good nights sleep for me.

Oh yeah the doctor, I got a 15 minute lecture from him regarding my non-healthy lifestyle; needing a proper sleeping schedule instead of the hit & miss one I've been  using; a proper diet that includes lots of vegetables, which I would love if I could  1) afford it, 2) find the time & energy to go shopping for myself; oh yeah and the hardest one for me exercise 7 days a week for 30 minutes a day.

It's not like I don't know he's right ... again,  it comes down to finding the energy and focus to make the changes I need to make both of which seem to be in poor supply for me.

Regarding the diet part, I have decided to go with the exchange diet since it was the one that worked best for me last time I lost a lot of weight. It isn't hard to follow but it does require a lot of planning. I need to get started on that part of it so that I can actually eat the way I'm supposed to. I've been depending on them to do the cooking and I really need to start depending on myself again.

More of that later. Have a good day all


  1. Baby steps Cheryl, baby steps. Or maybe, adolescent steps? These are changes that are hard for most all of us. We shall get thee to the pool for starters, and I guarantee it will get easier with practice. I'm not buying you any more tarts, either. I'll bring grapes to a cafe and you can have some of those. 7 days a week...your doctor is insane. Don't forget to look at the things you are accomplishing every day....Doren

  2. I did it!I did it! I did it!, singing this to myself all the way home. Thank you Doren for the much needed push! Now we just have to get you scheduled for your own six week loving movement plan! Hugs!

  3. Oh Lord, take me more than 6 weeks to love moving! I've certainly mastered loving lying down...I am SO thrilled for you, you faced some fears yesterday, and you looked good in that suit, too. Next week, we tackle the dancing, can't wait...Hugs back, girl