Thursday, December 26, 2013

Let the Countdown begin ... 6 days until 2014

Good Morning!

Step one Review 2013

I took a step outside my grief and went to a couple of classes at the Mental Health Centre and contacted the Centre for Sexual Assult . I only attended a couple of sessions but that was more than I had done in a long while. That I stopped after a couple of sessions doesn't mean anything I had at least made a beginning and it lead to the Art Therapy class and my getting a counselor at the end of the year

I did not lose 52 pounds but I did take off 10 pounds and kept it off as well as tightening up some of my muscles so that my clothes fit looser than they did. It also led me to getting a YMCA membership which I have used a few times and found I like being active

I did not publish a book of poems but I certainly wrote quite a few and I also made a beginning on two books that have been rattling around in my head for years. I have not renewed my membership at WDC but am considering it as I want to keep writing and I love the format there

I found out that though I like cats for their small size I really love having a dog because they like to cuddle while cats don't much. I like Coco even though she has a few character flaws we are working on. I have to find a way to get her spayed soon so I can walk her all the time & not worry about her getting pregnant.

I have made a start on a friendship and hope it will last a long time. I like spending time with someone other than my daughter & her kids. I have also attended a couple of strictly social events and it did not go too badly

I have made a start at dealing with my emotional baggage especially the large burden of guilt I've been carrying around and I have begun to let myself feel my emotions though sometimes they seem way to strong.

I've fought with my daughter a lot this past year, part of that is the constant contact and part of it is because she seems irresponsible to me in a couple of areas I consider important though she feels the same way about me so maybe we both still need to grow up a bit.

I knit several dolls and other things though I am sure I did not come anywhere near the 300 plus creative pieces I wanted to make I am also sure that I did at least 52  so not a complete failure on my part.

I am trying to think about bad stuff but other than screwing up a bit with the money situation and a small fall several weeks ago I have had a pretty good year. For each goal I didn't reach I did manage to step forward towards it and that is all anyone can expect to do.

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  1. Merry Christmas Cheryl! That's a lot of accomplishment this year, and a lot of it scary stuff. I would like to read your poems sometime. Got to meet this Coco sometime, too. How I am hopeful that the burden of guilt you carry will greatly lighten this coming year, you deserve to release it and forgive yourself....I know it isn't at all easy, but I am hopeful. Hugs, Doren