Friday, January 31, 2014

A Practice

Everyone talks about having a daily practice be it meditation, drawing or whatever. Me I've never seen the point, why do it every day when I only really need it when I need it. Besides I am not good at sticking to a routine, I get bored far too easily.

OK it is a little more deep than that. A practice in my mind is a way of dealing with the shit in your head that doesn't let you sleep cause it keeps going round and round. In my case as I've mentioned before I have whole conversations with people in my head explaining why they are wrong and I am right. :)

I have tried Morning pages and brain dumps. I've tried affirmations, meditation and gratitudes but after a month or so I stopped doing them. Not because they weren't doing any good but because they weren't making things change fast enough.

I complain about the speed of civilization and wish it would slow down so I can catch my breathe and catch up a little.Today I realized I do the same in my path. I want results in a few days a week at most when it doesn't happen,  it never can happen that quick, I give up, quit and try something new. I blame boredom or life but neither of these things are to blame, I just want results on my schedule. My schedule is not a reasonable one, I know this but I still demand that life conform to my desires not the other way around.

If I can learn to change that mind set maybe I can change others as well.

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