Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 3 of 2014 MY 2014 FIRST AID KIT

On your less-than-great days, how will you look after yourself this year? Make a list of everything that makes you feel better, and be sure to add to this page as you find new things you love. Not sure what to write? Start with the books, people, websites, practices, meditations, prayers, places to visit, songs, films and activities that inspire and nurture you.
I am tired but excited too, today I begin my 2014 Art Journal and I will have a friend or two coming over to play with me. So number one on my list is this Create Art!
  • Create art for my art journal be it electronic or physical the main idea is to be creative
  • Write, write out my pain & frustration and anger this always helps me for some reason
  • Knit, knitting works like a meditation for me and it is good therapy for my hands
  • Talk to my friends so we can cheer each other up.

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