Friday, February 21, 2014

Not Awake

'k lame title but even after a large Tim's I'm still blurry eyed and feelin' run down. I've been finding it hard to sleep through the night even with the mask especially when my legs begin to jump around 4 AM.

I have restless leg syndrome, I inherited it from my father but the medication I'm on takes it to a whole new level, sometimes causing my whole body to jerk. Talk about a rude awakening at 4 AM, my whole body will tense then release like I'm trying to jump out of my skin. Then follow that by half an hour of both legs tensing and releasing at the same time. Sometimes I'll manage to drift off only to have another jump wake me up again. It makes for very choppy sleep, which is why I'm feeling so tired this morning and require a nap most afternoons.

It is just one more added ache to the one in my knees and shoulders and back and this morning in my head too. If I were to do a complete run down of the pain I feel this morning my whole body would be included I think even my eyes and cheeks. Anyway I wanted to share a couple of art pieces I did recently just cause I want to show what else you can do with a scrapbook kit if you set your mind to it.

Beauty is a state of mind
The woman is a poser but everything else came from a scrapbook kit

Mermaid Dance

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