Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday March 31

March is going out like a lamb which bodes well for April, I wish I were doing so well. A number of things have come up that I am working through.

With the warm weather finally arriving I have had a small renewal of energy though I woke up with a miserable cold this morning. Yesterday it was just a runny nose and I figured it would go away. It didn't it added a sore throat to itself and gritty eyes. I should after 30 years of this be ready for my annual Spring cold but I never am. And this will happen again in October when the fall/winter change begins, I won't be ready for it then either.

I am reorganizing my room again, I had to, that bed in the middle of the floor is just not comfortable for me. I am also pissed off with the pile of stuff that is still sitting in front of my closet after a year and one truckload of stuff given away or thrown out. I do not know how come I have so much stuff, though I guess part of it is because though I downsize every year I keep getting new stuff. Never as much as I got rid of but still a fair amount.

I have considered getting rid of all of the magazines and stuff that I have been collecting for journalling but I always decide that I might need them. I suppose if I got in the habit of actually using them before going to paint, crayons and coloured pencils I would use them up quickly but I always think of art in terms of paint first, paper after. Yes journalling is equivalent to art in my head and My journal holds both.

Been thinking about other things too, like the portable kitchen idea, it is still not a for sure because want I want to do has never been done before in the size I'm thinking about at least not that I have been able to find.

I found this idea at Giggleberry Creations. It is made from an old TV cabinet which would be just about the right size for my room and for me since I am just a bit over 5 feet tall.  I have a 4' fridge and a 4' freezer, a smallish microwave and toaster oven as well as an induction hot plate, I just need the framework to put them all in. And I would like a permanent place for my wash basin. I don't have running water but it would be neat and tidy. About the only thing this kitchen needs for it to be perfect for me is a bit of counter space which depending on the type of TV cabinet it is could be easily accomplished. I just need to find an old TV cabinet and some money to get the wood I need to finish it. Oh yeah and the energy to do it. This is the most viable option I have found.

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