Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

My friend Sandra Aubrey created this Art piece. It shows an image similar to the one in my head. Though she has used slit paper, it could just as easily be a glass wall or a peep hole in a brick wall. What it reminds me of is the separation I feel from the so called "normal" world. I see eyes looking through a barrier the rest of the person can not breech, looking on as the world moves by. That is how I feel most of the time! Thank you Sandra for creating an image that speaks for me!!!!

Regarding my holiday, it was every bit as much fun as I thought it would be, I have not had time to process all of the images yet but as soon as I do I'll share a few with you. Chinatown on Spadina in Toronto is not a bustling as I remember but I suspect that was because of the cold, Kensington is still a super place to explore. I found a place that has the coolest embroidered pants and I would love to go back as well as several other stores with international overtones. I only photographed one of the Murals there but that is because we spent so much time in China town. We had a sushi treat every night we were there, I love having a proper oriental grocery store nearby, and I finally got to find out what all the fuss was about Menchies. Super Cool!

The weekend at Great Wolf was fun but terribly expensive, if you want to go make sure you have at least $2000 available on your credit card. Mind you it is worth it. The Niagara Village strip is not far away and we got to go to Louis Tussards Wax works and to Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum of Oddities. Both are definitely worth the visit. We also found a place the specializes in Egyptian Cotton , I found a very comfortable pair of pants there. It's a bit expensive but well worth it! And last but not least we found a place that does real crepes and they make an excellent light lunch or a super sweet treat. Best of all you get to see the whole process!

I'll process the photo's and share a few with you within the next coupla days!

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