Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 10, 2014

I finished the wrap! Six skeins of purple yarn to make it the length I wanted, I have begun a matching head band and a kerchief from a autumn cotton I've been saving. Somewhere there is a loom with part of an wrap made from the same autumn cotton which I want to finish except that I can't seem to find the loom.

I know you need pictures and I will get some for you as soon as I can.

Today is a Nana School day for GS#2. He has been acting a little odd lately, like he doesn't like me much, not sure what happened, maybe he is just upset because I took his brother to McDonalds the other day. He (GS#2) hasn't been having much luck in the potty training thing, he hasn't pee'd once in the toilet that I have seen but he keeps trying which is more than his brother did. They are both looking forward to Woodbine Centre and the big playground there which is the big prize to celebrate them being fully trained.

GS#1 is still having issues with pooping in the toilet but we are working on it. Soon he will be ready to try sleeping without a diaper as well. He seems motivated enough but like most boys when he is absorbed in something he doesn't want to stop to go to the bathroom so he still has a large number of accidents. Given my belief that he is high functioning Autistic it is not surprising that his ability to focus is on only one thing at a time. Still I keep working on it.

For myself I have finally gotten that broken tooth out and the dentist filled my crooked tooth. I have nine other cavities but I am not that despondent it could have been a lot more given how little care I've been taking of my teeth of late. I have also gotten another extension on my Employment search uhm forgotten the word, any way it means that I only have to job search as I am able

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