Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 2nd

Well it's official I have lost my voice! This doesn't happen to me very often or at least it didn't used to. This is only the first time this year but last year I lost it twice that I recall. It is quite annoying as while I don't talk much I like the ability to do so. I am not completely mute, thank goddess for small favours, but I can't speak above a whisper. Since this is supposed to be a school day for GS#2 you can understand a bit of my frustration.

Days like today I wish I knew sign language and that they did too. At least then communication would be painless. Even putting Vicks on my throat has not helped and it usually does. Yuk two day old black coffee sucks but I didn't want to make a whole pot just yet. I know I could have just chucked it but I wanted coffee now and it was sitting there.
Fitness wise I am improving a bit but I still have a lot of work ahead of me. Did I tell you about the LDL's apparently I have too many so now I take a cholesterol pill on top of everything else. I think I need to focus on something else ... thinking about the pills waiting for me just makes me sad. I have five prescriptions now plus I take three vitamins and of course my daily allotment of painkillers, at least that is only Tylenol extra strength but I take an average of 6 of them a day just to keep the pain tolerable.

Not mine but pretty close in number
What started out as a simple cold has become a sinus infection of some sort I think ... at least a lot of green gunk keeps coming out when I blow my nose which is roughly every ten minutes. A lot of complaining about my health to day it seems. I do try to avoid talking about stuff other than the depression but sometimes you just have to vent you know.

I had to add a few images to lighten this up hope they helped.

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