Sunday, April 27, 2014

I forgot ....

I had the perfect idea for a entry today last night and of course I didn't write it down so ahhh memory problems that's what it was about.

Go figure... I have been having the worse lapses of memory lately. I had a similar problem awhile back and I took ginko biloba and panax ginseng to help as I had found they helped before. For me it is usually a lack of focus, my mind is so full of worries and things that I lose track of my thoughts. The herbs help you focus and improves cognitive functioning. Things I used to know by heart have been pushed so far back in my mind that they have gone into storage. Once something goes into storage in my brain it is hard to recall it or bring it to the front of my mind.

Take birthdays for example, I used to know all my niece & nephew's birthdays plus my brothers and sister and even a few cousins. Now I have trouble remembering even one of my grandchildren's birthdays and I only have 6. Nieces, nephews, great nieces & nephews all gone.

A few days ago I went to call my sister who has had the same number for 10 years and I could not remember her number. I've even caught myself forgetting names like GD#1 and she will be 16 in October. It is scary sometimes the stuff I forget.

I know that the long term memories start to fade once you reach a certain age but damn .... they should warn you about the short term ones too.

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