Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Directions

I'm relaxing this week a little. The last two weeks have been full of appointments but this week is remarkably free of them. I am still busy but in a more fun way, making posters for my daughter's Jack n Jill. I am also like gleeful cause when I stepped on the scale yesterday it said I weighed 221.2 lbs which means I have lost four of the 25 pounds I'm working on in just a bit over a month. I am a happy camper! At this rate I will hit the 200 mark before September 30 which is my goal date.

Yesterday I walked my grandson to his day care, spent some time in Home Depot and Staples then walked back home so that is easily my hour for the week but I am not done, tomorrow Aidan and I will go to the park and maybe the farmers market, if we don't go to the farmers market we will be planting flowers in my flower box. And I still owe Coco a walk this week so maybe tomorrow but more likely Thursday Aidan and I will be taking her out for a quick walk around the block.

I am feeling energized and excited today and am looking forward to doing some stretches or dancing or maybe some strength exercises after it cools down a bit or maybe I'll just put on shorts and a sports bra and do it.

My fridge is almost bare of vegetables but I do have a few frozen ones so things are still on track in the food department, though I do have to buckle down and make a menu and shopping list soon.

My lunch is done so I'll talk to you later

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