Saturday, May 3, 2014


For lack of a better word this is what I have been experiencing all week. Mental as well as physical. The dentist gave me T3's when I got my tooth out and for day's I successfully avoided taking them. This is important because in my 20's & 30's I was addicted to T1's you know the ones you can get over the counter if you really want to. Back then they were still available on the pain killer shelf not stuck behind the counter with the pharmacist.  I was able to break the addiction though I am not sure how but today is the 3rd day in a row I have been dealing with the after effects of taking two T3's to kill the pain enough in my knee so that I could sleep. The problem is I keep wanting to reach for the bottle and take another one. Understand that I am still taking the Extra-strength Tylenol for the fibro so I am kinda stoned though in me it manifests itself as extreme fatigue which is not that much different from my day to day being. But still I have pain, in my head, in my mouth, in my feet, and in my back. I would need some of those super strength pain killers that are really super addictive to take all my pain away. The T3's are bad enough. I hate it!

My brain feels foggy and my thoughts are slow. Coffee seems to not be helping. I had this big long article in my head but it is gone. I am going to take my normal medication then lay down again.

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