Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 14

one week to wedding day, seven days that's all. the time went so slowly until we got to the four week mark, lately it has been racing by. i am feeling kinda rough and i think rob is too. nessa is even more freaked out and dean is just tired. once the wedding is over the professor and i will be babysitting the kids for 3 days i think i'm not sure. i am sure the kids are not going to be happy during those three days cause the professor and i are very different caretakers than their parents.

i have no idea what i shared last or when i shared, like i said it's been kinda crazy around here. dean has been working hard so that they would have decent money for their honeymoon; i have been taking physio and adding a lot more physical  activity to my life in an attempt to get my weight down to a reasonable level. days like today are fewer, one meal a day even a large one is no substitute for several smaller ones. i just feel like i didn't have the time to eat today, nessa was supposed to go out at 9:30 and that didn't pan out but i was busy watching the boys all day. even when i took a nap aidan went with me.

giving up on the naming thing, if you know me you know about my grandchildren. my head is killing me and i am not sure why perhaps not enough water today. i'll work on fixing that for the rest of the day. still so tired ...

gonna get a couple of pain killers and maybe some sugar. i have some berries thawing but i also have some sugar coated almonds just depends on what i want to do.

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