Monday, November 3, 2014

Meditative Doodling

Lots of us do it.  While on the phone or when we are thinking. Doodling can be as simple as a bunch of circles in the margin of a page while you listen to your boss drone on at a meeting to as complicated as the  Zentangle which is used for meditation by creative types. The Zentangle is similar to a Mandala in that it is meant to help you access your creativity and open you to spiritual message but they are different in many ways.

A Mandala is circular; the Zentangle square. The Mandala requires balance; the Zentangle is about chaos. I could go on but perhaps a image would explain it better.


Carol Edmonston is a two-time breast cancer survivor and it was her story that got me to thinking today. I have been under a lot of stress for a long time between Fibromyalgia, depression and obesity with all their side affects maybe I should try my hand at some meditative doodling and see if it helps.

The instructions were easy enough

1) Draw a border
2) Add some dots inside the border
3) Join the dots any way you like
4) Fill in the resulting spaces with doodles

That's it! If you want after you have done doodling color in the patterns or leave it as is. Heck if you want you can use colors to do the doodles. Have fun and share if you want.

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