Thursday, January 8, 2015

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With the onset of colder than cold winter temperatures I have been experiencing a fibro flare up. Last year it was confined to my back this year it is back, both arms, and both legs. Not fun! On top of that though it is only January I have already entered into the winter blues, I dread what February will bring. On one of the blogs I read regularly another Fibro sufferer has declared a one day pity party for those of us with "chronically illin’ bodies". 

I'm all for that, mind you it means back to the daily grind tomorrow which is not so great. Still that is life for the chronically ill.

In other news my baby sister is moving out of town. She is as scared to death as I was. The idea of being 44 and starting to build a life from scratch is terrifying. I know she will do fine she just has to believe in herself and her own abilities. I am helping as much as I can because she needs to do this. I am glad she is getting to experience life outside of Peterborough. I am going to miss her though cause she is the only sibling I spend any time with.

Of course due to the flare up I have not had much energy to follow through on the belly dance class but since I'm doing it online it will wait until I am able to do it. I found a lot of free classes online specifically aimed at the beginner so I have lots of options I just really like the layout of the one above.

I have not had much luck with the sleeping schedule thing. I go to bed at the right time but I keep sleeping in. I am hoping it adjusts itself to a good rhythm once I am all caught up. I miss dreaming. Sleep is the habit I want to work on this month. Next month maybe something else maybe the same thing depending how well I do on establishing a good sleep schedule.

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