Friday, February 6, 2015

Collective Knowledge

  1. Collective wisdom, also called group wisdom and co-intelligence, is  shared knowledge arrived at by individuals and groups. Collective intelligence, which is sometimes used synonymous with collective wisdom, is more of a shared decision process than collective wisdom.
  2. Shared knowledge: We all share some common behaviours that are bred deep in our bones Foremost of these in my thinking is the fight, flight or freeze behaviour. This behaviour occurs around the world and is one of our basic survival traits. It is what got us to the point of having enough power to destroy our world completely.
  3. This behaviour is now blamed for our overwhelming number of mass murders and suicides (imo). We destroy our planet and each other in order to control our fear but as the environment and quality of life deteriorate so our fear grows. This creates a vicious circle that can only lead to global disaster and a near extinction of our species unless we can channel our fear into some sort of positive action.
  4. It is my belief that that knowledge is available to us if we would but make our selves be still and listen to the collective knowledge of every human being on the planet and acting on it. But first we must learn to automatically freeze when fear strikes, not run and not fight.
  5. I will be exploring how this may be done and will share it when I have some ideas.

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