Thursday, February 5, 2015

Explore and Express Your Individual Self

What makes your soul shine?

For me it has been writing for a long time. The other day I was fooling around on Pinterest and did two amazing (to me) things. I did a Full Moon Dream Board and everything I chose for it pointed to writing and self publishing something. 

The second amazing thing I did was create seven boards based on something I found while surfing one day. The Center of Wellness for Urban Women, Inc. is a place in Indianapolis, In. that has a bunch of programs for the local women. 

One of their main pages outlines what a healthy mature lifestyle should look like. They have a program called "Seven Days Of Wellness" which lead me to decide how I would write this series. I already had added a pin to all but one of the boards, which gave me a few ideas on what to write first.

My point is that if I had not done those two amazing things I would still be sitting around bored and not filled with a little spiritual light. Now ask yourself what is calling to you? Maybe you too will find what makes your soul shine.

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