Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Schedule

Now that the complaining is done lets  look at the plans for April.
Week   Home               Self    Public
Week 1
Mar 29-Apr 4

Food Prep- portioning
and freezing

Get Adequate

AON re Gym

Week 2
Apr 5-Apr 11
At Robs- cleaning
garage & office
Journal Challenges
Easter dinner with

Week 3
Apr 12-Apr 18
Spring cleaningUnconditional
Contact Activity Haven-
sign up for a couple of classes

Week 4
Apr 19-Apr 25 
Begin planting gardensSpend some time in

Week 5
Apr 26-Jun 2

Menus & meal
planning for June

As you can see there are a few blank spaces but after contacting Activity Haven I expect the Public section to get a little busier. The self care bit is harder but I think I'll manage alright. The to do list is a lot longer but these are the must do's this month.

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