Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bloody hell - Excuse my English!

I am frustrated beyond belief right now ... at myself. I set myself  three small goals this year. Learn to belly dance, Lose 52 lbs and  Quit chewing my nails.

As of today I am back at 220 lbs, my practice has been sporadic to say the least and  though a bit longer my nails are still getting chewed. Granted it is only April but that means a full 1/4 of the year is gone. I was supposed to be at 202 lbs by now 12 weeks into the year instead of having gained back the 6 lbs I thought were gone for good. I had actually made it down to 214 just before Christmas.

I have a fairly clear idea of what happened, February. Remember how hyped I was in my last entry well all of that fell away. Two weeks of snow storms had me fortifying myself with Carmel squares and ice cream. Ice cream especially is my kryptonite since it was ice cream that started the weight gain to begin with way back in my 20's and every time I eat it now the weight comes back quick.

With summer coming that particular temptation is only going to get worse which is why this month I want to experiment with natural flavouring for water. I found several links over at Pinterest like this apple slice spa water. Its about replacing pop/soda with water and how to make water more interesting to drink. That is one strategy I'm working on. There are a couple of others like paying attention to portions and eating at regularly scheduled times.

I am also trying to make sure I exercise on a consistent basis but that is not going very well. I am going to talk to my landlords about getting access to the gym downstairs and making that a regular thing. Wish me luck

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