Sunday, April 5, 2015

Checkin in

I love Chris Dean, reading her stuff has helped me through some rough spots so what do I do ... the first time I write her I say Hi Dean instead of Hi Chris and didn't even noticed I had made the mistake. Talk about embarrassed so Chris if you read this I am sorry.

On a lighter note I spend some time with my grandsons over the last couple of days. Friday we did Easter egg colouring

Then yesterday we went to the local garden show, ( reminder to self next time leave everyone else at home), I didn't get to look or buy anything but I did manage to procure some help and some ideas. The boys were far more interested in getting their spring bikes. They each got one of these, a Huffy Spiderman bike.

I was ready for a nap after that but then The Professor took me to a nice little restaurant called  "Village of Thai" not far from my place and we had a delicious Golden Curry for lunch.

We are planning to go back again to try their green curry. I had never been before and I got to say I'm glad we went.

Today we are headed to my daughters for Easter dinner and then to Toronto later tonight to do a bit of a spring cleaning at the professors. I am going to need a week to recover after all this excitement.

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