Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Environment - Self Care

Comfort, Affirmation & Rejuvenation

As women we have a hard time giving these to ourselves. It is easy to tell ourselves, " I don't need a hug, or a morale boost or even just a rest, I need to look after everyone else" Most of us do this at least in my generation. I am one of the children born at the end of the baby boom though as a child of boomers I was only one of five instead of one of a dozen.

The antiquated notion that mothers are there to provide comfort to their children and husband is still strong. I had never heard of self- care until about a decade ago and I was well into my 40's by then.

So how do you give yourself comfort?

Well giving yourself a hug isn't as much fun as getting one from a loved one but unless you are willing to ask for it, hugging yourself is the best you can do.

Slipping into a hot bubble bath with a book gives comfort and allows a certain amount of rejuvenation

Comfort is also about little things, that worn sweater that you swear is warmer than anything else you own; the bunny slippers your children or grandchildren gave you; a favorite book and a nice cuppa is also good for comfort and the space you take to enjoy them allows some rejuvenation.

Affirmation is a declaration of self worth and comes in many forms. The classic "good job" and a pat on the back is a big affirmation but sometimes you need more than that. I collect affirmations at Pinterest. 


Simple, straight forward  and powerful. What ever your it is you deserve it. Mind you it has to be positive and I know sometimes it is real hard to find the silver lining but it is there. The power of I AM should not ever be dismissed, They are two of the most powerful words in the world because what comes after them comes true.

If you say I am fat, then you will be fat, if you say I am fit, then you will be fit. It may take awhile for either of these things to come true but every time you say I am fit, you are reinforcing it in your brain and eventually you will begin to find yourself getting fitter cause your mind will be pushing the button "get up and go". We all know the more you move around the healthier you will become!

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