Sunday, April 19, 2015

My brain shouts at me

It shouts and shouts but when I try to write down what it is saying my brain gets all foggy. So is it my brain trying to drive me insane or a self protection thing. I honestly don't know. My brain is a curious thing full of plans and ideas that my body seems unable to follow through on.

OK that probably not fair to my body, all actions are controlled by the brain this is a scientific fact. Without those neurons firing we would be useless lumps of flesh actually less than that because those neurons are also keep our heart and lungs working. Which means if those basic neurons don't fire we are dead. Anyway back to my rant.

Tons of ideas, the ability and supplies to make them happen and I sit in front of my computer reading or pinning or playing games.

For this week my goals are to avoid Macs and to spend money only on cat litter and maybe a few groceries, no Coke Zero or sweet anything except what I can make at home.

Last week they were to avoid Macs and make it to all of my appointments which I did. A big thumbs up for me.

See my mind has dragged me away from the original subject, what it shouts at me and why.

What it shouts at me is simple: I am in too much pain to move much. Even though I know that moving might help decrease the pain. I can't just get up and do it for some reason possibly to do with depression I just can't move. It shouts and I am frozen in my seat.

On top of all this whatever is causing the irritation has me wanting to throw my cats off the balcony cause they can't seem to stay away from my plants. Perhaps I have a touch of Spring fever and it is affecting me adversely, maybe.

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