Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Physical Health - Exercise

I have paid for a membership to the gym in my building. Its only $10 a month and I get unrestricted use of the space. There are two reasons I wanted the membership. They have hand-weights and they have a treadmill. Both of these are things I have wished to have at home but can't afford.

I have been looking through my collection of physical activities and have chosen a couple of different sets. To take the pressure off myself I am no longer trying to lose weight, I got rid of the initial 10 lbs if I lose more great if not it is not a waste because I will be making myself healthy

You will find this one and several others on Pinterest. Its to strengthen and tone my arms. It will be the first routine I will be doing along with a warm up & cool down stretch routine and 5 min to start on the treadmill.

On a related note the web site these plans came from is called Workout Labs and they have a dozen or so pre-made plans as well as the option to put together your own. All of the ones on my board were made by others and I am using them to help me build a template for a exercise routine I can handle.

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