Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sept 27 2015

I am so bored right now but strangely not bored enough to get up from this chair and do something besides read (love, love the Ontario Library Reserve Download Centre). Its not like I lack for projects, if anything I have far too many its more a lack of motivation, uhm not quite the word I'm looking for but close enough. Motorvation... energy no definitely not energy I'm bored cause I got energy that needs channeled...

Ah well... I have been busy. I created fire and decided on the songs of my life. Created and filled some new Pinterest boards. Started Quiet/ Busy books for my grandsons. Began to tear apart a couple of palettes to use with other things I have here to make a sofa for my living space. Made a night stand from cola bottles, aquarium stone and an ikea table top. Cleaned my room.

A small sampling of what I've been doing only typical me I forgot to take photos well except for the ones you'll find in my Pintrest journal.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Gratitudes for Sept 1 - 9

  1. 3 gifts of summer: spending time with my family; blue skies; music in the air
  2. 3 gifts cut: lilies; a finished collage page; my hair to ease the heat
  3. a gift cool, warm, sun-soaked: having a picnic at Riverside Zoo
  4. 3 gifts of Autumn: leaves red & orange & yellow like flowers on the ground; the kids go back to school; harvest fairs
  5. 3 gifts growing; my determination to lose weight; my puppy finally reaching a calmer stage of life; fall grasses in the courtyard
  6. 3 gifts yellow: late dandelions; golden wild wheat; fall leaves
  7. 3 gifts given: babysitting time for my daughter while she undergoes surgery and recovery; money to tide my family over; art time with my grandsons
  8. a gift made, masked, marveled: my husband helping out my nieces without complaint
  9. 3 gifts framed: art work my grand-daughter made for me; photos from my trip to Niagara Falls; a collage I was inspired to make.
Now technically each of these should be accompanied by a photo but I have not been taking many photos lately plus a lot of these are intangible gifts.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sept 9, 2015

Lots of challenges in my September to do at Pinterest including some art  & photo challenges although my main focus is going to be on making a fashion doll represent fire and the planning & creation of a couple of quiet books for my grandsons for Christmas.
Fire doll stage 1

I have a new blog I hope to launch in January about the Seven Dimensions of Wellness in an attempt to get some wellness for myself.

These past few years have been spent adjusting to the loss of my dad and my previously very healthy self. I feel I have spent enough time in this emotional place I really want to learn to love life again. In the process maybe I'll beat the odds and my death won't occur during my 55th year which is what a certain doctor predicted if I didn't get a handle on my obesity.

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest seeking inspiration but it seems to me I have to actively pursue it by actually trying some of the pins I've chosen and reading some of the articles.

Cinnamon @ 6 months
One of the new things in my life that has me moving more is a JUG names Cinnamon. This is Cinnamon, she is a Jack Russell Terrier / Pug cross. What this means is that she has a lot of energy which requires channeling and as her owner it is my responsibility to do that. This in turns means I got to get outside 4x a day for at least 15 min each time. Eventually I think I may end up running with her but for now I let her run while I walk a little way off.

Carmel and Lucky have adapted to her though it was touch and go there for a couple of weeks. Speaking of Lucky and Carmel they are nearly the same size as Cinnamon now.

For my birthday I will be adding one more cat to the mix a tuxedo cat I have named Astral, she is sister to Carmel or at least half sister as they have the same mom. After that I think I will have reached my pet limit.
My daughter has finally gotten her heart issue fixed so hopefully life will get better for her and her family. That is one of the reasons I am publishing this on the 6th instead of the first, I have been helping out during her recovery period.

No promises but I am going to try to start writing more often in here and thanks to those of you still reading me.