Monday, September 7, 2015

Gratitudes for Sept 1 - 9

  1. 3 gifts of summer: spending time with my family; blue skies; music in the air
  2. 3 gifts cut: lilies; a finished collage page; my hair to ease the heat
  3. a gift cool, warm, sun-soaked: having a picnic at Riverside Zoo
  4. 3 gifts of Autumn: leaves red & orange & yellow like flowers on the ground; the kids go back to school; harvest fairs
  5. 3 gifts growing; my determination to lose weight; my puppy finally reaching a calmer stage of life; fall grasses in the courtyard
  6. 3 gifts yellow: late dandelions; golden wild wheat; fall leaves
  7. 3 gifts given: babysitting time for my daughter while she undergoes surgery and recovery; money to tide my family over; art time with my grandsons
  8. a gift made, masked, marveled: my husband helping out my nieces without complaint
  9. 3 gifts framed: art work my grand-daughter made for me; photos from my trip to Niagara Falls; a collage I was inspired to make.
Now technically each of these should be accompanied by a photo but I have not been taking many photos lately plus a lot of these are intangible gifts.

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