Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sept 27 2015

I am so bored right now but strangely not bored enough to get up from this chair and do something besides read (love, love the Ontario Library Reserve Download Centre). Its not like I lack for projects, if anything I have far too many its more a lack of motivation, uhm not quite the word I'm looking for but close enough. Motorvation... energy no definitely not energy I'm bored cause I got energy that needs channeled...

Ah well... I have been busy. I created fire and decided on the songs of my life. Created and filled some new Pinterest boards. Started Quiet/ Busy books for my grandsons. Began to tear apart a couple of palettes to use with other things I have here to make a sofa for my living space. Made a night stand from cola bottles, aquarium stone and an ikea table top. Cleaned my room.

A small sampling of what I've been doing only typical me I forgot to take photos well except for the ones you'll find in my Pintrest journal.

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