Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Know Yourself Part 2

A study into ways to Fill Your Cup when you are running low.

Name three things that make you feel whole: Three things that make me feel whole???

I thought this would be the easiest question to answer but it is proving to be more difficult than I expected.

First off what does feel whole mean: feeling complete and satisfied, with no gaps in life, no sense of something or someone missing. 

"Ultimately minding the body and mending the mind have more to do with wholeness -- healing -- than with curing. To be whole means to be a flexible adventurer, ready to meet life's challenges with engagement and curiosity. It means feeling a sense of connection to the whole of life -- to other people, to new ideas, to the world around us. It means thinking less about 'I, me, and mine' and more about how we are all interconnected in a great web of life. It means caring for others and doing what we can to make the world a better place. It means recognizing that happiness arises within us independent of any external cause and removing the obstructions to that inner peace and happiness that are our birthright as human beings." 

-- Joan Borysenko in 
Minding the Body, Mending the Mind 

After I read this quote I stopped and thought a bit because my first reaction was that I do not feel connected to anything except family; my daughter, my grandchildren and the Professor. Nothing else is important... even as I wrote that I remembered waiting in the Macs downstairs to make sure some stranger had enough money to buy what he wanted because I felt sorry for him.

I say hello to anyone who says hello to me and I smile at anyone who smiles at me but I don't feel a bond with them.

It is a sad effect from the life I've lived that I have empathy but no connection to the rest of the world. No one I can point to and say definitively that they are part of my world view. That they are important to me in any way except my grandchildren and they are important mainly because they share my blood.

Yes I am aware of how cold that sounds but that is how I feel most of the time cold, remote, removed from the rest of humanity. Sometimes I wish I could get back to who I was in my 20's when I still trusted people and spent time with friends. I have no idea how to do this and what I can find on the net has been of little help.

Questions, comments? I could use a little help, don't be shy.

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